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Sat 30 Aug

Aug 30 Holding off immigration overhaul until after Nov? What a spineless (piece of excrement. ) pic map

Aug 30 Presdent Obama fostering racial hate against Whites

Aug 30 'drunken bush' had 5% unemployment gas @ $2 a gal and food was 40% (less than it is now.) map

Aug 30 re: happy saturday!!!!!

Aug 30 Why Obama's 'we don't have a strategy' gaffe stings pic

Aug 30 re: So if you talk about how Hillary started the Birther consperacy o

Aug 30 LA, Trickle Down Economics won't works if it's welfare money

Aug 30 GOP Greed? Not DNC Greed? Corruption? ROFLMAO pic

Aug 30 Hillary and Obama were birthers in 2008 (TW) pic

Aug 30 Next Happy Saturday (As for your risible rumor?) pic

Aug 30 Bankrupting Schools (NV - TX - NM) map

Aug 30 CA democrats have higher arrest rate than its population ROFLMAO

Aug 30 happy saturday!!!!! map

Aug 30 GOP Greed Has Destroyed Democracy pic

Aug 30 Hillary, That's brilliant, as if Americans want another liar

Aug 30 Obama stalling immigration mandate till after election - ROFLFAO

Aug 30 Obama's position on beheading pic

Aug 30 LA, we normally don't bash Hullary Clunkton but u repost dumb stuff pic

Aug 30 Why Re-Post a post about another failed criminal politician? pic

Aug 30 Re: Scared of Hillary pic

Aug 30 Just wondering.

Aug 30 Happy Labor Day Weekend Don't labor in vain (and complain about it) pic

Aug 30 630am and the board is already covered with BTW's feces pic map

Aug 30 *sigh* how do you explain things to the slobby failure pic

Aug 30 (but the rest of the leftests) (It's leftists, you slobby failure.) pic

Aug 30 Obama to Supporters: The World Looks 'Messy'. . . "Because of Social Media (The Game of Blame ...) pic

Aug 30 Now that ought to make them mad I don't know about Obama (but the rest of the leftests)

Aug 30 Obama's lack of experience melts down! Progressive's utopia has DIED (R E A L I T Y)

Fri 29 Aug

Aug 29 worst commander in chief ever pic

Aug 29 Anyone understand this behavior never seen before in American history pic

Aug 29 Workplace violence all right... pic

Aug 29 best commander in chief ever map

Aug 29 re: who in the world respects a pile of lying shit? (besides ditto-hea

Aug 29 Newsflash - brainchild Obama - Tells the Truth! (and the minion still cheer)

Aug 29 put that on your resume (repost)

Aug 29 who in the world respects a pile of lying shit? (besides ditto-heads) pic

Aug 29 Jon Stewart Brilliant Take Down Of Faux Noise pic map

Aug 29 On Monday, September 8, the United States Senate will vote... (Plutocracy or Democracy?) pic

Aug 29 Details, component, source of link pic

Aug 29 Please give more detail? <-why is the idiot slob using a question mark (after a sentence?) map

Aug 29 Please give more detail? Your post is a bit vague pic

Aug 29 Mainstream media is starting to notice 'Off to golf' (Repost)

Aug 29 Report: Mary Landrieu Doesn't Own Home in Louisiana

Aug 29 Please Don't Re-Elect judge Weller! (Washoe County) pic map

Thu 28 Aug

Aug 28 Mitch McConnell is caught red-handed pandering Koch pic

Aug 28 Well what do you make of that?

Aug 28 How old is too old to be in elementary school? (Graying around the edges?) pic

Aug 28 aww, fuck, i'd hope she had died

Aug 28 Oh puke, it's back. pic

Aug 28 Racist!...Oh that's right they are Caucasian from literately the (Caucasus region )

Aug 28 what complaint?NO one complained,Someone MENTIONED,when you don't post (neither do the pretend supporters.)

Aug 28 Re: Whaaat?

Aug 28 I don't post for a day and you still complain (How chronic is that?) pic

Wed 27 Aug

Aug 27 whaaaat? map

Aug 27 Our 1 bamaNobBeR's xtra pissy today, Is it the reality that Obama (Golf Course, Obamaville)

Aug 27 Re: Please re-elect Judge Weller (fruits and nuts)

Aug 27 Crusty and the supporters all disappear at once.

Aug 27 liars lying about the WH presence at Major General Greene (EFFING liars lying again*sigh*)

Aug 27 leader? NOT map<---wrong, wrong and more wrong, that post is so full (of lies and errors...)

Aug 27 leader? NOT map

Aug 27 Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Running GOP (I KNOW!)

Aug 27 Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Running GOP map

Aug 27 lies were told, and when corrected, they flag

Aug 27 are the vacation hypocrites ever hypocritical! (Stupid, they are.... ) pic

Aug 27 Please re-elect Judge Weller

Aug 27 I guess to the white house all white folks just look a like. (You would think that.)

Tue 26 Aug

Aug 26 unmarmed whiteman gunned down by black police officer (Utah)

Aug 26 the actions of a dictator map

Aug 26 Bengazi? Really? - yes...... pic map

Aug 26 Please de-lie your reposts, dummy

Aug 26 his own agenda/ Isn't that why tgags are suing him?

Aug 26 Please try to keep your lies readable. It's putter, not puter, dummy.

Aug 26 Boehner's Lawyer Is Charging $500 An Hour To Sue Obama (Charging The American Taxpayer)

Aug 26 fat pig lies to fat pigs pic

Aug 26 Bengazi? Really? map

Aug 26 Judicial Watch: Missing IRS Emails are Backed Up (Surprise, surprise) pic

Mon 25 Aug

Aug 25 Burger King runs away to avoid US Taxes (USA) pic

Aug 25 Not so happy Burning Man closures due to rain (Bummer Summer) pic

Aug 25 the poor in Ferguson,MO and the USA pic

Aug 25 Ferguson map

Aug 25 I didn't say that map

Aug 25 BTW's 2 cents pic map

Aug 25 Politicizing Ferguson Mo. (Pointing fingers ) pic

Aug 25 the murdering bitch is preaching down to us (<-gagging on lies and hatred)

Aug 25 sheesh, these stupid gaghags..ANOTHER MURDERER! (SarahPalin Takes The Ice BucketChallenge) map

Sun 24 Aug

Aug 24 rereUSA ENGLISH ONLY (Everywhere) (free spanish cable movies) map

Aug 24 oblameo pukeosis

Aug 24 oblameo leaves the golf course & declares the george bush fault almost (destroyed natzi pukeosis district ) map

Aug 24 The Narcissist Leader, an inside glimpse

Aug 24 Wolves + Coyotes

Aug 24 (wrong MR Brown, dolt)->Michael R Brown has felony's pending in Court (yeah, the older MB in Florida that is.)

Aug 24 Just don't do stupid stuff, inherited a perfect situation (and blew it like a narcissistic gangsta)


Aug 24 wallow in the nastiness, wallow, swallow, and regurgitate....

Aug 24 So it comes to this you cannot live on solar alone (Face the facts)

Aug 24 No help for Vets, no ambassadors in 1/4 world map

Aug 24 best commander in chief ever pic map

Aug 24 Look who's Buying America!? Too

Sat 23 Aug

Aug 23 Debate class failed them

Aug 23 Watch: Jesse Jackson Is Left SPEECHLESS pic

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