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Sun Apr 20

Apr 20 land grab ? (stateline) map

Apr 20 Just wondering...

Apr 20 So I see you can do your research GED-land

Apr 20 BTW - you really are as ignorant as others claim (GED-Land) map

Apr 20 On Civil Rights, today in History we celebrate

Apr 20 I just called it like God commanded it... pic

Apr 20 Can't we all just get along?!? pic img NO. You called me a murderer.

Apr 20 Senate Ethics Select Committee can hear your complaint (Harry Reid)

Apr 20 Zombie Alert- The Living Dead are expected (Earth) pic

Apr 20 Can't we all just get along?!? pic img

Apr 20 Re: He has Risin... pic (you dumbassed idiot hick)

Apr 20 Oh.Fuck.The biggest,sinningest hypocrite on the board is blessing us. (ROTFLMAO) img

Apr 20 GED-land

Apr 20 He has risen in my world.I guess it's Risin in yours. (edit it quick!before someone sees it.)

Apr 20 He has Risen... pic

Sat Apr 19

Apr 19 RE:BTW and those "left fielders" blaming Bush (Ged-Land) map

Apr 19 Re: Wonder How Those Republicans Feel pic

Apr 19 Wonder How Those Republicans Feel map

Apr 19 what a shame

Apr 19 Home Home on the Range... (Free Range?!?) pic

Apr 19 Reid between the lines...

Fri Apr 18

Apr 18 BLM acted outside of the U.S. Code of law

Apr 18 RE: RE: ACA Unreadable map

Apr 18 re, Re: Biggest Little TEA Party Meeting (Round Table Pizza / Golden V pic img

Apr 18 re: Biggest Little TEA Party Meeting (Round Table Pizza / Golden Valle map

Apr 18 Disdain is not fear,my third world immigrant student

Apr 18 Biggest Little TEA Party Meeting (Round Table Pizza / Golden Valley) map

Apr 18 Who's afraid of Conservative Radio? img

Apr 18 How to figure out which posts are the liars without opening them

Apr 18 What is a Domestic Terrorist?Well, if you were smarter,you would b 1.

Apr 18 What is a Domestic Terrorist?

Apr 18 lol, where did you tards get these ideas img

Apr 18 Voter Fraud: The Left's Tool For Social Justice

Thu Apr 17

Apr 17 Re: Bundy Ranch meet the coilition

Apr 17 To: ROFLMAO

Apr 17 re: To be continues?It's continued. Are you really that stupid?

Apr 17 BLM has a good relationship with these folks (Burning Man Project)

Apr 17 Local Chiropractors support Sheriff Candidate Kuzanek (Reno, NV) pic map

Apr 17 Rory Reid what is the real story behind what happens 75 miles (from Las Vegas, Nevada)

Apr 17 More of the Secret world of Hillary Clinton comes (To Light) pic

Apr 17 beating a card?

Apr 17 Jeremiah Wright's Daughter Convicted on 11 Counts of Fraud

Apr 17 Democrts keep beating the racist playcard when they are so

Apr 17 tempatures? It's temperatures, you hopeless brainless buffoon (dumb and dumber) map

Apr 17 GED-land those temperatures mean about as much relevancy as (The technology taking them at the time) pic

Apr 17 To be continues?It's continued. Are you really that stupid? img map

Apr 17 23 Stories Continued

Apr 17 23 Global Warming & Climate Change Stories All (All Americans Should Read Before Earth D)

Wed Apr 16

Apr 16 Simple climate facts for BTW and other mouth breathers (GED-land) map

Apr 16 HARRY REID TO RENO yes he is coming to reno (SEARCHLIGHT ,NV) map

Apr 16 BTW - Please show some intelligence here (GED-Land) map

Apr 16 NV has two traitors to deal with pic

Apr 16 Ex-city leader of Bell Ca gets 12 yrs in prison for corruption scandal

Apr 16 Not a Joke→ UN Says Vacuuming CO2 Out of Air May Be Only Way (to Save Planet Earth)

Apr 16 and now we know why the 'givers' get long as it's not (their money they're giving) map

Apr 16 This ought to really get Bill Maher going

Apr 16 "Bottom line, tax evaders won't be tolerated" (remember timmy?) map

Apr 16 Were Other Federal Agencies Poised to Go After Tea Party (Groups as Well) pic

Tue Apr 15

Apr 15 Well we had to pass it to find out what was in it..................... map

Apr 15 Liberals duped by Their leader Reid on Koch Bros.

Apr 15 Re: Bundy has to pay up

Apr 15 so, because we disdain tax evaders, we don't eat meat?He's our only (choice?) map

Apr 15 Let me guess you're a vegetarian? pic map

Apr 15 Bundy Has To Pay Up Or He Will Lose His Ranch map

Apr 15 Koch didn't, Did they? pic img

Apr 15 A Tax Day Reminder (USA) img

Apr 15 Bundy Ranch -- What You're Not Being Told map

Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 Jay Carney TROLLS the RWEs (GED-Land) map



Apr 14 duh map

Apr 14 At The Washington Mom Feature artical (Carney's open house) pic img


Apr 14 He speaks against his own members of his own church

Apr 14 Harry Reid Belongs In Prison map

Apr 14 3 American undetermed if all Jewish img

Apr 14 Bad launch Of ACA, bad 3 years running for Sebelius (Or just a bad egg so to speak) pic img

Apr 14 The Reason why Conservative talk is successful (It's popular with American listeners ) pic

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 Re: Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers pic

Apr 13 'Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers' img

Apr 13 Betting on it? Or buying it?

Apr 13 RE: while it would have been satisfactory to squash the img

Apr 13 Want Lower College Tuition? Vote For Fred Conquest For Governor. img map

Apr 13 You've got an opinion on this?

Apr 13 the shoe chucked at Hillary map

Apr 13 "the tea party always has room for one more voice in their head"

Apr 13 while it would have been satisfactory to squash the vermin (why give them what they want?)

Apr 13 BLM Anti-Free Speech Zone From the Sky (That's Odd) pic map

Sat Apr 12

Apr 12 Land of the FREE (What a Relief it is) pic map

Apr 12 Liberals/commies here ignoring Harry Reid land grab pic

Apr 12 of course you know who supports you know what (and yet, )

Apr 12 It's stopped, not stoped, my happy little Chit-chatter img

Apr 12 Breaking Now: BLM stoped in Bundy Land grab (liberal wanted Bundy )

Apr 12 re: Harry Reid is finished here in NV map

Apr 12 re: Bundy is exactly the taker and tax evader you usually whine about map

Apr 12 Nevada not so long ago... (1990s-today evidently) pic map

Apr 12 Bundy is exactly the taker and tax evader you usually whine about

Apr 12 Harry Reid behind Bundy Land Grab (Harry Reid is finished here in NV)

Apr 12 Who is Selling and Buying America? (Harry Reid that's who) pic map

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 The only abscess here is obsessed with cocktail hour.

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