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so, the chronic badmouthing losers got it wrong again (that shooter shot the wrong people) [xundo]


RE:Just Elaborating? You didn't post a word! (You posted a picture.) [xundo]

It's an obsession, you just cannot leave well enough alone. (No, posting nonstop on a gayman's board,) [xundo]

Someone fanous? Good Lord, it wasn't fair to make them so stupid. (cbb/btw, lower than idiots and fools) [xundo]

Hillbilly's (Sparks) [xundo]

Kinda sad... pic [xundo]

Note to liberals: pic [xundo]

Kinda funny BTW feels the need to state the obvious [xundo]

A picture is worth... [xundo]

Re:Propaganda (Sparks) [xundo]

Spreading propaganda (FishSlayer) [xundo]

This happens every day (Sparks) [xundo]

Just Elaborating? You didn't post a word! (You posted a picture.) [xundo]

so, the bible even plagiarized hell? (Wilseyvillw) [xundo]

Elsewhere in the news... pic [xundo]

hahahahahaha (Wilseyville) pic [xundo]

Yep...the shooting story is getting flushed [xundo]

NEWS FLASH: ...ANOTHER SHOOTING RAMPAGE...DOZENS DEAD (This time in Chicago) pic [xundo]

What's up with that? [xundo]

Facebook Post of the Year [xundo]

Let me guess... pic [xundo]

To the horrid btw and the one who argues with her (Voice of Reason) [xundo]

Poor BTW. When they demand answers or explanations of your past posts (and u can't give a straight answer) pic [xundo]

why does btw post so manylies and untrue rumors about the USA [xundo]

The Ore. shooter was no 'Conservative Republican' (yes he was and if YOU say otherwise,) [xundo]

Re:Obama (Sparks) [xundo]

Hard to imagine how things can go worse (Obamas world in 2015) pic [xundo]

Heres how Hillary wins (reset button) pic [xundo]

Btw's kid [xundo]

Re shame on you Harry map [xundo]

Pope fired Boener map [xundo]

NEWSFLASH: ........TERRORISTS ATTACK AMERICAN CITIES ((the death toll rises)) pic [xundo]

I betcha this shooting is out of the news cycle in a week [xundo]

I did what? pic [xundo]

The Pope and the dope [xundo]