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re: To no one in Particular pic [x] map [xundo]

To no one in Particular pic [xundo]

Is btw a piece of shit? pic map [xundo]

Re:(Orphanages???You know less than nothing.) pic [xundo]

RE: House Picture LOL (pathetic attempt) map [xundo]

can you not get ANYTHING right? (you jumped on that one, almost instantly) pic [xundo]

Obama, the scum bag president pic [xundo]

lucifers anus cries foul to misspelling but baby killings - A ok (The pathetic little swine people) pic [xundo]

Re: I wonder if there is a market for lion steak [xundo]

^^You might want to research the word, orphan, Profane, Jealous One. (~Ceiling Eyes) [xundo]

re:(bamabootysniffers) (a poll) [xundo]

Send that money to better causes like taking care children in Orphanag (Orphanages???You know less than nothing.) [xundo]

That's not good... [xundo]

Look who's doing the editing of those videos now... [xundo]

#WomenBetrayed rallies gather nationwide, demand immediate defunding o [xundo]

Is btw a piece of shit? pic map [xundo]

dog kennels (midtown) map [xundo]

Politics, the gentle Art (U.S.A.) pic [xundo]

Theodore Roosevelt...LION KILLER! map [xundo]

I wonder if there is a market for lion steak pic map [xundo]

The President has a statement to make [xundo]

In case you missed Bob Hope on Democrats [xundo] is the lefts sounding board (And this article......) [xundo]

And Now, The Co-Founder of Greenpeace Explains (Why Climate Change is a Sham) [xundo]

Looking for a Democrat to stand up to Planned Parenthood (Oddly enough) [xundo]

What's being Christ like? Anyways. pic [xundo]

Lucifer's Anus angry ? Trying to cover up posts with reposts? pic [xundo]

You spend alot of effort responding on my so called worthless opinion pic [xundo]

It's fun watching our libturd fail trying to appear smart & articulate [xundo]

re: Oh, by the way......I wouldn't have to post so often if your ... [xundo]

Too funny, when lucifers anus hears patriots, it