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Alabama Surrenders In Fight Against Planned Parenthood (cheaters don't always prosper!!!!!!) [×] [undo]

Man! The Crust and the Goo were really in rare form last night. [×] [undo]

re: It cuts both ways [×] [undo]

Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; (Public Unaware) pic [×] [undo]

Re: Two Loathsome Things pic [×] [undo]

No, America Doesn't Have a Christian Terrorism Problem pic [×] [undo]

It cuts both ways, troll [×] [undo]

Liberals have some fables of their own (the faith of the left) pic [×] [undo]

The baby parts industry [×] [undo]

Btw's kid [×] [undo]

Is btw a piece of shit? pic map [×] [undo]

WOW, btw has all her multiple identities out map [×] [undo]

Btw are you really THAT stupid /blind map [×] [undo]

The shit flingers are back [×] [undo]

re: Holy crap! The Gruber Troll is BTW! map [×] [undo]

Every time someone exposes BTW, suddenly and magically [×] [undo]

Holy crap! The Gruber Troll is BTW! (makes perfect sense now!) [×] [undo]

"Damn the infidel and their climate conference" ("why couldnt we stop it?) pic [×] [undo]

This could have been Obamas son (the face of the inner city Black man) pic [×] [undo]

I saw it with my own eyes, the lwe troll blubbers map [×] [undo]

Clinton (Reno) map [×] [undo]

Women Get the most Abortions (Reno) map [×] [undo]

Debunked (Reno) map [×] [undo]

Statistics show that Women get the most abortions [×] [undo]

Abortion rates highest amongst Whites? wtf (Thats a tragedy) [×] [undo]

ADF Senior Counsel Discusses Forensic Report (on Planned Parenthood Videos) pic [×] [undo]

How is a person who posts such easily debunked garbage [×] [undo]

WASTED TAX PAYERS DOLLARS (Reno) map [×] [undo]

Moronic Fox pundit thinks "white Christian Republicans" is (an entire religion??????) [×] [undo]

re: Yes --- Edited videos [×] [undo]

BTW's STILL blind to the cultural shift in America? [×] [undo]

When the babytalking trolls suddenly try to appear (reasonable and articulate,) [×] [undo]

Yes --- Edited videos (TW) [×] [undo]

Christian group's survey finds that Christians have highest (highest abortion rates by a lot) pic [×] [undo]

Re; people get angry ... (Reno) [×] [undo]

My favorite stupid post among the vile Fox "News" posts! [×] [undo]

A Couple Questions map [×] [undo]

Vile Fox "News" Audience Reacts to Shooting at (Colorado Planned Parenthood) pic [×] [undo]

The guy who created the "baby parts" video admitted fraud, yet BTW (continues to defend the MURDERER) [×] [undo]