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This is the best time to start or expand your cleaning business. People are more aware of cleanliness than ever before in our history.

No Money Down!
Every Brand - No Bias

Hi. If you are looking to start a new business or expand your current business, we have all the equipment you will need. What makes us unique is that we provide financing with lease to own deals for people with fair credit. This way, instead of tying your money in equipment, you can save your cash to grow your business. Copy Paste the following url in your browser and choose from hundreds of machines you can lease to own. Or, browse our most popular machines below.

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Below are our best selling machines:


Item No. ETM-LX-115-800HP-P - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/escape-etm-mx-115-electric-truckmount-800-psi-package/

The new Escape 800 PSI features dual Mytee® hybrid vacuum motors that deliver 20-30% more power than comparable vacuum motors.
From carpets and upholstery, to hard surface cleaning and flood extraction, the Escape 800 PSI gives you the power of a truck mount, with the mobility of a portable extractor so you can go anywhere, including high-rise buildings.

The Escape 800 PSI has been engineered to be powered three different ways:
1. Run the Escape 800 PSI off of two 115V (Same as 110V or 120V) 20 amp regular house hold outlets.
2. Or, use Escape 800 PSI with a generator. The ETM requires almost 7,000 watts of power to run, so make sure your generator is rated accordingly to run the Escape 800 PSI.

  • 12 gallon solution and recovery tanks (but it has an auto fill and auto dump built in) with 35 GPM stainless steel auto pump-out 225+ CFM,
  • Mytee® Hybrid Ametek vacuum motor with 1500 hour rated brushes and anti-moisture air seals
  • 800 PSI Pump for Tile & Grout
  • Mobile cart design to go anywhere
  • Auto fill & auto dump
  • Lighted and audible circuit locator makes it easy to find two separate circuits, avoid tripping breakers (feature only available on ETM-LX-115 model, not ETM-LX-230 model)
  • Wash out hose and prime valve
  • Pressure gauge displays pump PSI
  • Pressure regulator to adjust pump PSI

  • Included at no additional cost:
    - F200 Lint Hog™ In-line Filter
    - 3-Prong Electrical Dryer Adapter Converter
    - 4-Prong Electrical Dryer Adapter Converter
    - Mobile cart with front 4″ locking casters and rear 10″ foam-filled wheels
    - Dual 50′ 12/3 power cords
    - 50' lay-flat pump-out hose with cam lock connection
    - 2″ x 2.5″ Cuff-Lynx™ reducer
    - 2.5″ x 2.5″ Swivel Cuff-Lynx™

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    Here are some other details about the machine that you maybe interested in as well.

    Option #2: Vortex Lite - Buying the best carpet cleaning machine
    Item No. Escape-Lite-Vortex - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/vortex-lite/

    Since we carry and sell all top brands of carpet cleaning machines, people often ask us, which is the best carpet cleaning machine? Although no one machine is the best, it depends on things like what is your intended use, are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning machine or are you a facility manager that wants to use it in your building and not move it too much.

    Product Features:
    - The most powerful portable truckmount ever made.
    - Vortex Lite has the same guts as machines costing thousands more.
    - Power, beauty and portability in an affordable package.
    - The one of a kind round tanks helps the machine to produce higher cfm and lift (1450 Air watts) that was not known to ever be possible – Vortex inspired. The air, instead of pulling on the inside walls of the tank, creates a vortex to hurry the air through the motors and reduce drying times
    – carpets dry in minutes, not hours!
    - The LX motors, Mytee’s most powerful vacuum motors, have insane cfm and airflow to produce the highest air watts only previously found in $30K truckmounts.

    -- Small package with bigger than big performance. with Auto fill and Auto dump feature
    - Solution Tank 10 Gallons
    - Recovery Tank 10 Gallons
    - Vacuum Dual Mytee® LX Hybrid Ametek vacuum motors
    - CFM 240+
    - Water Lift 182”
    - Pump PSI 800
    - Pump GPM 1.5
    - Pump-Out – Auto Dump GPM 3.5
    - Power Consumption
    - Power Cord Dual twist-lock 50’ 12/3
    - Cord one: 19 amps @ 115V 60Hz
    - Cord two: 17 amps @ 115V 60Hz
    - Machine Weight 119 lbs
    - Machine Dimensions 37” H x 29” L x 20” W.

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    Here are some other details about the machine that you maybe interested in as well.

    Option 3:
    Nautilus 200PSI, 3-Stage Vacuums, Heater, w/Hose Package
    Item No. MX3-200H - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/nautilus-200-psi-dual-3-stage-motor-heater-w-hose-package/
    • Series for maximum lift, or parallel for maximum air flow, with the AirFlow+ vacuum system, it's your call!
    • The AirFlow+ vacuum system allows you to quickly change your vacuum motors from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute with no mechanical skill needed.
    • Whether you re extracting flood water and need maximum lift, or cleaning tile and need maximum air flow, the Nautilus has you covered.
    • Low monthly payment of $60.
    Please visit my website and check out this and a lot more https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/nautilus-200-psi-dual-3-stage-motor-heater-w-hose-package/

    Option #4: Carpet Cleaning Portable Extractor Also Does Tile and Grout. Even Bathrooms.
    Item No. 9000I-HSH - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/endeavor-9000i-hsh-with-carpet-wand-and-tile-grout-wand-hoses/
    • Switches between 212° for carpet cleaning to 1200 psi for tile & grout. Auto-fill & Auto-dump like a truck-mount.
    • One machine every floor- Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, etc.
    • Multi- Purpose Extractor for Hard Surfaces, Grouted Tile, Carpet, Upholstery, and Touchless Bathroom Cleaning.
    • 13 Gallons, 8.4" Diameter Infinity Vacuum, 673 Air Watts.
    • Adjustable 70-1200 PSI Pump, With Auto Fill/Dump, With 2000 Watt Heater.
    • Lease to own. New & expanding businesses or back-up for your truck-mount. $0 Down $200/m with good credit.
    • Steps of Carpet Cleaning
    • Spot and Stain Removal
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Marketing Principles (See Entire Video Free Now! We are making this available for people interested in this package to see the high quality of education that is included free with this package)
    • Marketing That Really Works
    • How to Get Commercial Customers

    Wood Floor Cleaning & Sealing Free Documents With Package:
    • Pricing of the largest carpet cleaning company, that is ready for you to start using yourself
    • Excel Spread Sheet - Profit and Loss Operations - the business side of Carpet Cleaning
    • Upholstery Cleaning Check-list
    • Bonus!

    Also get these Free for a limited time - Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Books:
    • UPHOLSTERY & FABRIC CLEANING TECHNICAL MANUAL This product listing is for the machine only.

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    Option #5:
    Contractor Special Plus
    Item No. /2002CS-PLUS - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price-

    It's a package deal. Designed for the busy professional, the 2002CS is powerful, heated, efficient, user-friendly, and durable.


    • Powerful 120 PSI diaphragm pump
    • Single 3-stage LA (low amp) vacuum motor
    • 100 CFM and 130" H20
    • 1,200-watt in-line heater with maximum 210° temperature to efficiently produce hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt
    • User-friendly high-waist switches, easy-open lid, bucket-high drain, and non-marking wheels
    • Durable roto-molded polyethylene housing that resists rusting and denting
    • Lease to own. New & expanding businesses or back-up for your truck-mount. $0 Down $49 /m with good credit.


    • Mytee's® 8500-Hose Set: 15' crush-proof vacuum hose and high-pressure solution hose
    • 8300-EZ-C 12 inch dual-jet stainless steel collapsible wand with disconnect
    • Clear View stainless hybrid internal spray upholstery tool
    So get the package that gives you everything you need to take on the toughest carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs.
    • Water resistant switches add protection against dust and water intrusion.
    • Locking casters provide stabilization and prevents any unwanted movement.
    • Lighted power cords indicator plug glows when the cord has power.
    • Cuff-Lynx™ provide an easy connection for vacuum hoses.

    Free Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Books with Purchase of this machine:

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    Option #6:
    Item No. SDC - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/steamin-demon-classic/

    High Flow Carpet Extraction Process
    • The Red hose indicates high flow of clean water to machine.
    • White hose indicates return of dirty water to drain at sink or toilet.
    • It's all automatic, eliminates filling and dumping and is... so easy!

    1. Excellent Water Recovery: The most unique quality of Steamin Demon Extractors is their ability to recover the cleaning water back out of the carpet while extracting. In fact, the Steamin Demon's water recovery rate is so high that drying times of an hour or less is not uncommon. The reason for this is simple, the vacuum motor is located within inches of the carpet.
    • The short distance between the vacuum motor and the carpet allows Steamin Demon Extractors to channel much more vacuum force to the carpet.
    • RESULT: Quick, thorough water recovery resulting in fast drying times.

    2. High Water Flow: A second unique quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is their patented high water flow rate. The Steamin Demon's superior water recovery system has allowed us to tremendously increase the amount of cleaning water used in the extraction process. It's this High Flow of cleaning water that allows the Steamin Demon to clean faster and remove more residue than previously thought possible.
    • Steamin Demon Extractors use 3-4 times the amount of cleaning water during the extraction process than other portable extractors.
    • This gives Steamin Demon Extractors by far the highest water-flow rate ever used in a portable extractor.
    • FACT: In the extraction process, when you increase water flow you increase soil removal. More importantly, the amount of soil removed during extraction is directly proportional to the amount of contaminates removed. These contaminates include: Odor Causing Bacteria, Fungal Spores such as Mildew, Dust Mites, Allergens, Viruses, etc.
    • RESULT: When you use Steamin Demon Extractors, you greatly increase the quality of cleaning and the health of the indoor environment.

    3. Dial-A-Mix Pre-Spray System: A third unique quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is its Automatic In-line Prespray System. Each machine comes with 33 ft. of prespray hose. This hose attaches to the machine on one end and has a Mix Applicator on the other end. To Prespray carpet all you have to do is aim and squeeze the Prespray Applicator.
    • RESULT: Eliminates the Mixing of Chemicals and pump sprayers.

    4. Light Weight: A fourth quality of the Steamin Demon Extractors is their weight. The absence of large holding and recovery tanks make Steamin Demon much lighter than other walk behind extractors. Steamin Demon Extractors weigh at 31 to 36 lbs. which is one fourth the weight of the "other guys".
    • RESULT: Lightweight, well-engineered designs provide excellent maneuverability, easy on the back and extremely user friendly.
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    Option #7:
    BRUSH PRO 20"
    Item No. BRUSHPRO20 - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/brush-pro-20/

    Industrial Counter Rotating Brush Machine You've got a job to do; you don't have the time or energy to baby a fragile machine. You don't budget money for repair shop visits.

    • Durable stainless steel body outlasts all other materials.
    • New motor is 50% stronger than previous models
    • Reputation - 20+ years of building the industry's most durable machines for encapsulation.
    • Non-stop cleaning - Clean for over 24 hours without fear of the machine overheating
    • Use the machine that does it all. Clean both carpet and hard surfaces equally well with one machine.

    • Compound dry cleaning
    • Encapsulation dry cleaning
    • Pile lifting
    • Dry soil removal

    • Floor washing
    • Scrubbing/drying
    • Tile and grout cleanin

    Super quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying allows you to clean during business hours; opening up a world of new clients including casinos, airports, hotels, hospitals and more where hot water extraction is just not feasible.
    • Brush Pro, prespray and dry compound are Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute (CRI) certified for deep cleaning.
    • Heavy-duty motor spins brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber.
    • Included Renovators allow you to collect soil that normal vacuuming is unable to remove. This makes for a great demo. Have your customers vacuum right before you use the Brush Pro for dry soil removal and they'll be amazed at how much additional soil you remove.
    • Cylindrical brush agitation carries the soil from the bottom of the pile to the top so it can be encapsulated and removed later through vacuuming. Pads drive the soil deeper into the pile and leave "blooms" that have to removed later.
    • Pads are not effective at cleaning uneven surfaces like grout lines, while the Brush Pro excels at removing soil on difficult-to-clean surfaces.
    • The Brush Pro is a machine that can be used by anyone. Simply pull back the handle to start and begin cleaning carpets at a much faster rate than standard hot water extraction.
    • Lightweight construction and small footprint allows the technician to easily store the Brush Pro in a janitor's closet, in a van or other locations where space is at a premium. It also makes cleaning around furniture and other obstacles incredibly easy.

    Option #8: Power Wand Option :
    Item No. TREX - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/t-rex-rotary-extractor/
    Mytee T-Rex Rotary
    • Wrench for easy hub removal
    • Star Protector Cover
    The T-REX™ features:
    • 15 Cleaning path
    • Adjustable 60 - 160 RPM
    • 6 vacuum slots
    • High solution flow; 6 jets.
    • Powerful electric motor
    • Ambidextrous safety switch - prevents damage to near by objects
    • Elevated, easy handle adjustment
    • Clear swivel tube
    • 2" Cuff-Lynx™ hose connection with retainer (retainer keeps vacuum hose from getting in the way)
    • Pigtail with detachable 25' lighted power cord
    • Swivel QD
    • Permanently lubricated transmission
    • Front handle for easy pick up
    • Lightweight
    • 6" wheels
    Use the T-REX™ Jr. for:
    • Residential carpet (use standard head, included)
    • Commercial glue-down carpet (use standard head or part #A106)
    • Encapsulation cleaning (use part #A103)
    • Tile & grout cleaning (use part #A119)
    • Extra dirty and trashed carpets (use part #A120)
    • Flood extraction (use the included standard head on a low setting to extract water form carpet)
    • Lighted Power Cords
    • Lighted power cords indicator plug glows when the cord has power.
    • Cuff-Lynx™ Ready
    • Cuff-Lynx™ provide an easy connection for vacuum hoses.
    Copy Paste the address below in your browser to see this product

    Option #9: All Surface Cleaner

    Item No. All-Surface-Cleaner - Price: Copy Paste this link in your browser to see price- https://www.magicwandcompany.com/product/all-surface-cleaner/

    Carpet, Tile, Grout, Hot Water Pressure Washing, and more.
    Hot water reduces cleaning time & chemical cost by more than half. Compete better for greater profits
    Do every surface – interior or exterior
    Get any customer – residential or commercial
    Truck-mounted or Portable

    This package includes:
    #1 Hot Water Pressure Washer for all outdoor surfaces and tile/grout. GX390 12 HP gas powered Honda motor, adjustable 100 to 4000 psi pressure pump & diesel heater. Auto Fill / Auto Dump.
    #2 Vaccum with pump-out for all indoor floor coverings – carpet, tile, stone, upholstery and more. Electric powered. 250 CFM. Built-in auto pump-out.
    #3 100 ft of vacuum hose
    #4 100 ft of solution hose
    #5 Hose Joiner 2″ Barb x 2″ Barb
    #6 High Pressure Ball Valve, Steel, 7350 PSI, 3/8” x 3/8” FPT
    #7 Pressure washing wand
    #8 Classic wand for carpet cleaning
    #9 Carpet Cleaning to Pressure Washing Attachment
    #10 Cuff 2″ threaded x 1.5″ slip

    – Female 1/4″ Quick Disconnect
    – Hard to Find Fitting #39 Hex Nipple Reducer 3/8″ male 1/4″ male
    – 3/8″ Coupler with Male Pipe Thread
    – 3/8″ FPT Quick Couple Plug, Nipple, Steel

    #11 /8” FPT Quick Coupler, Brass
    #12 Surface Cleaner – high-pressure spinner
    #13 3/8″ FPT Quick Couple Plug, Nipple, Steel
    #14 (2) Jets – Brass V-jet 1/4″, 95-03
    #15 Upholstery cleaning tool
    #16 Hard to find fittings for Pressure Guage assembly (All surface cleaner set up)

    – #9 Bushing 3/8″ male x 1/4″ female
    – #30 Female Tee 3/8″ female x 3/8″ female x 3/8″ female
    – #42 Hex Nipple 3/8″ male x 3/8″ male

    #17 Carpet Cleaning Technician IICRC Manual and Videos.
    #18 Upholstery Cleaning Technician IICRC Manual
    #19 Pressure Washing Bible – Teaches you how to get pressure washing jobs
    grout, restoration, and more, an invoice with disclaimers (just add your logo to personalize). And a lot more training, like Marketing.

    Copy Paste the address below in your browser to see this package:

    Option #10: Wood Floor Cleaning Starter Package:

    Wood Floor Class

    • Learn how to revive wood and laminate floors.
    • The past few decades have had an increase in wood and laminate flooring both in residential and commercial locations which has increased the demand for affordable re-vitalization of these floors. Refinishing (sanding, etc) is very laborious, messy and expensive.
    • Learn how to revive these floors with ease and make 50% more profit than carpet and furniture cleaning.
    • Class will have some theory and mostly hands on learning.
    • Very little equipment and supplies are needed for this add-on business.
    • You will be able to do these lucrative wood and laminate floor revival jobs immediately following class!

    #2 Wood Washing Machine

    Works just like a vacuum cleaner. It has squeegees under to leave the floor dry so you finish can go on right away.

    # 3 Professional Floor Finish
    This can even be used on natural surfaces like wood and stone!

    Complete Package Price $1,999.00 or Lease to own for $44 /m
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    Qualifying applicants
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    Apply here: https://www.magicwandcompany.com/financing-options/ (Copy paste url in browser)

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