Bollards - Removable Polished Stainless Steel - $475

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condition: new
model name / number: UPS- R114/900SS
size / dimensions: 35" X 4.5" Dia.
Upswung UPS- R114/900SS Removable Bollards $495 ea
Removable Bollards are easy to install. No in ground connections are required which results in large installation savings.
The bollard is released with a key tool. The bollard once removed is carried away and a cover cap is locked in place to cover the hole.

Removable Bollard
This Removable traffic unit is suitable for mixed installations while maintaining the same architectural design as our other units.
They can be removed and a cover plate (pictured below) covers the hole to remove the tripping hazard. It requires only minor excavation to set the pocket assembly. It can be used when accesses are limited, or combined with automatic/ semi-automatic versions. It solves transit and/or parking problems, at a reasonable cost, without the need for electrical energy.

Stainless Steel Bollards are a great choice for locations where architectural considerations require a way to block traffic in an esthetically pleasing way and still have the ability to be moved or retracted to offer a clear and unobstructed entry way. This unique feature cannot be found with swinging, sliding or barrier gates which are visible whether open or closed. The choices in bollards range from the more costly “automatic” (motorized) bollards which require more expense in the initial bollard cost, electrical and excavation work, to “semi-automatic” bollards which are spring lift assisted so that it is easy to lift the bollard up out of its retracted position casing in the ground. Another less expensive option is “removable” bollards which are lifted out of its companion socket receiver which has been set into the ground. The removable bollard can then be carried away and a cover plate is put in its place to cover the receiver hole. The last option is a manually retractable bollard which like the semi-automatic bollard retracts into its ground casing, the difference being that there is no lifting assist mechanism so that the bollard diameter is limited to 4 ½” to lifting weight considerations. The matching “fixed” in place bollards are a cost effective way to frame the outer sides of an opening where moveable or retracting bollards are not needed, which is works well because the different types of bollards match each other or when an area is to be closed out permanently.

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