I have one large cabinet style sign for sale (shown fully assembled with additional cabinets in photo). Good for use on poles as a business identification sign. It can be used together as a set installed in a column layout if you already have other cabinet signs you want to attach, or can be used individually. Flexible to your needs.

The cabinet measures 10' x 4'. It's made of aluminum. It was originally used as a gas station identification sign, with several cabinets installed in a stacked column. In that arrangement they were set on the ground, in a stack so the finished arrangement was 16' tall (originally four cabinets tall) and 10' wide. This is shown in the photo. Vertical mounting poles are not included.

The cabinet has aluminum channels for plastic sign face inserts. You would presumably have a sign shop create a 4' x 10' plastic sign insert for you with your business information/etc on it. You slide the sign insert into the channels in the cabinet, to finish off the sign and display your message/business name/etc.

Each cabinet has both front and back channels so you can make a double sided sign if you make two inserts. You can also just display one side of it if you intend to mount it flush against a building/wall/etc.

I do have the old plastic sign inserts and can supply those to you with your purchase if you want them, at no additional charge. These might come in handy if you only plan to have the cabinet be visible from one side, in that you may want to use one of the old inserts to seal off the back side of the cabinet from the weather. Or, you could paint them with your message instead of buying new plastic inserts from a sign shop.

The sign cabinet is black and silver on its exterior. The cabinet has pole mounting sleeves in it where you can mount the sign on two poles if you wish; that is how it was installed previously. The pole sleeves are 10" x 10". You can purchase square/rectangular steel poles at steel yards or have them fabricated for you; poles are not included. You can also use these on the ground, roof, etc, depending on your needs.

The cabinet is currently non-illuminated, but could be wired for lighting if you wish.

The sign is located in Lovelock. Will help load your truck/trailer if needed (two people needed to lift due to the bulky size).

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