ONE OUNCE GOLD BAR - $2,419 (NW Reno)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: ASAHI REFINING
size / dimensions: 1 oz.
Up for sale is a ONE-OUNCE TROY .9999 FINE GOLD BAR SEALED IN PLASTIC FROM THE REFINER as all the newer ones are now, with assay on back, common refiner-producer name, this one is from ASAHI REFINING, minted in USA. Company is located in USA, Canada and Japan. Brand new, perfect and one of the best and cheapest ways to own a little gold. Bar in photo is actual bar for sale. Selling this for spot price of gold which changes daily (hourly), but easily available anywhere and which is quite cheap, as usually dealers charge $75-100 bucks over spot for these, to cover minting costs and mark-ups.

Here is the deal, gold is an awesome investment and is on a terror of late and always good to own some, just in case. The question is I guess, how much do you wanna trust Washington politicians with your financial future. Anything you might wanna have purchased in gold in 1920 (house, car, farm, you name it) and then now, would be the same price in gold)...zero inflation, gold holds its value, something paper money does not. Paper money by comparison has lost about 90% of its value in same period and losing more daily as we are reminded so often.

I have one one-ounce bar I am going to sell at spot price, no tax, shipping, insurance, or anything, just cash spot price. Price above is today's spot but will change daily, will base the sale on spot (ask) at the time. This way I get a few bucks more and you get a few bucks off, dealer prices. We will work off spot price, the time of transaction of course as it changes. Win-win for both. BTW, gold is incredible and a thing of beauty as people have appreciated for thousands of years, photos, especially mine, do not do it justice.

Transaction will be done in safe large office area with lots of security cameras and people mulling around. Been involved in precious metals since the 60's, but am not a dealer, just person who loves to own a bit of gold or silver to feel safe & secure. If you are interested in picking up a little gold at decent discount, let me know.

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