Become a funded futures trader- Trade Apex capital, not yours

compensation: 1099, keep 100% of first 25k then 90% after
Trade Their Capital, Not Yours: Join a Leading Futures Prop Firm!

Looking to Maximize Your Trading Potential Without Risking Your Own Money?
Are you an aspiring or experienced trader looking to leverage your skills in the futures market without the financial risk? Look no further! This premier futures prop firm offers you the opportunity to trade with their capital, not yours.

Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?

Receive 100% of the First $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That: Maximize your earnings from the start.
Two Payouts per Month: Get paid twice a month, ensuring consistent cash flow.
Trade Full-Sized Contracts: Whether in evaluations or funded accounts, trade without restrictions.
No Scaling or Failing by Going Over Contract Size: Focus on trading without the worry of overstepping contract limits.
No Daily Drawdowns: Trade with confidence knowing there's no daily drawdown limit.
Trade on Holidays: Take advantage of trading opportunities, even on holidays.
Trade Your Normal Day-to-Day Strategy or System During the News: Continue with your usual strategy without interruptions.
No Total Cap on Maximum Payout: Unlimited earning potential with no payout caps.
One-Step Evaluation Process: A straightforward evaluation process to get you trading quickly.
Real-Time Data Included: Access up-to-date market data to inform your trades.
Simple Risk Management Rules: Easy-to-follow risk management guidelines.
Trade With Multiple Accounts Up to 20 Max: Expand your trading potential with up to 20 accounts.

How It Works
Apply: Complete the challenge to determine eligibility for funding. Note that an upfront fee is required, which is recurring. This is all of the capital you are risking for incredible upside potential.
Get Funded: Once approved, receive your trading capital.
Trade and Profit: Start trading futures and keep a large share of the profits.Remember, you can have up to 20 accounts at a time.

Who Can Join?
New Traders: Perfect for those who are just starting out and want to learn without the financial risk.
Experienced Traders: Ideal for seasoned traders looking to scale up with more capital.
Why Wait?
Take the next step in your trading career with a firm that invests in your success. Their capital, your skill – a winning combination!

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