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compensation: see above

Wanted: Activist or Quasi Activist PR Talent/CoFounder Wanted

LOCATION/Hours: You can be based anywhere and PT OK.

We are a tiny (so far) team with initial minimal funding (but needing to raise lots more) dedicated to catalyzing or otherwise developing and promulgating smarter more powerful ways to grow grassroots movements, whether they rely on electoral conventional organizing or on the use of direct action, or other strategies. Our main project is a new concept app called WinWisely, which has the potential to triple volunteer recruitment and commitment rates, and which we can tell you about when we hear from you, since CL does not permit URLs. However here's a clever try: bitly (with the "." In the right place, followed by WinWiselyPrep

Two Positions (cofounders) Needed:
Both having huge leverage opportunities to flip both House and Senate and thereby help save mother nature (prevent the imminent 6th great extinction), women's rights, democracy, and economic fairness and opportunity for the 90%, which is why 2018 is arguably (and scientifically!) the most important year in our species' history and the history of the "democratic experiment:

1) Social Media Director (PT ok), must be well connected with micro influencers to do the following:

a) help us crowdfund additional funding for the WinWisely app using our video demo and animation b) get the word out about WinWisely in key flippable US House and US Senate races;
c) get the word out about two much simpler but also huge leverage potential projects and (see below for descriptions)

1) PR director/cofounder:
to help us find a major influencer or otherwise donor to enable DemocracyBnB and take off and become major tools to ensure the Dems retake control of not just the House but also the Senate. or com: an app that emulates the BernieBnB app that made it much easier for unpaid activists around the nation to move to where needed for the Berniecampaign, but this time to do the same this year for out of town or out of state activists wishing to be able to afford to help Democratic campaigns in flippable districts and state-wide elections. The code for this is already done, open source, and free. or .com: an app that will make it easy for couples, especially those with kids, to take their summer vacations in flippable districts, canvassing during the 5-9 slots or wkend slots, or doing other critically needed volunteer activities thereby: 1) saving much in cost (due to local support for them in way of housing, or transportation, dinner invites, etc) 2) developing potentially new lifelong friendships, and most importantly, 3) doing the most effective thing a parent can do to ensure their child(ren) grow up with the most important of values--a dedication to fighting greed and injustice instead of becoming cogs and sheep as most Americans are today.

Negotiable, since awaiting full funding. TO be clear, we seek people far more motivated by justice and saving mother earth, than by money. If our betatest is successful, much larger funding will come (donors tell us) meaning much larger salaries by this fall or end of the year.

First check out the 3min animation at crowdacting (.) o*r(g while imagining it being applied to recruiting field organizers, canvassers, house party hosts, post card senders etc to turn Congress blue, and then in 2019 to recruiting massive numbers wiling to do whatever it takes (including non violent direct action and city/state/national strikes) to keep fossil fuels in the ground, pass medicare4all, pass a Green Marshall Plan 9Green New Deal), ending rapacious student debt, gerrymandering, mass incarceration, overthrowing the kleptocracy, providing decent housing for everyone etc
2) Then read our one pager and reviews from top organizers and IT pros, at winwisely (.)o*r(g
3) SEND us a cover letter to Gary (AT) WinWisely (.)o*r(g describing and explain:
a) "why us" (when there are so many other do good projects out there)?" and
b) listing (bullets) relevant skills and activist (bettering humanity and/or the env't) type accomplishments, Be sure to include your phone contact info and city and time zone, in your sig

IMPORTANT: #3 is very important Do not just send a resume. And please Be sure subject line states UI Designer/ Cofounder/[which roles preferred]/your city and [how you heard of us]

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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