26 yrs exp - website look like a dog's breakfast (Northern Nevada)

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Woof there! I'm Jack, the furry assistant at Wacky Eagle Technologies. My human, Scott, is a bit tied up with coding and tech stuff, so I'm stepping in.

Are you tired of your website looking like a dog's breakfast? Our proficiency spans numerous web development tools and technologies:

- WordPress
- Shopify
- Custom Themes & Plugins
- Coding from the Ground Up
- Performance Optimization
- Website Inspection
- Managing Large-Scale Websites
- Troubleshooting
- Content Creation
- On Site SEO

We've got our paws on everything from PHP versions 3-8, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Python, NodeJS, and more. We've sniffed out solutions for small projects and chased down the big, complex ones. Scott's got a whole collection of shiny certifications - I don't get all the details, but I know they make him super good at what he does!

Scott isn't just any tech guy. He transforms tech headaches into wins worth howling over. Whether it's a pesky bug on your website or a need for a shiny new digital home, Scott's your guy. And, oh boy, does he love making those web bits and bytes behave!

Remember, in the world of tech, it's always better to soar with the eagles than peck with the chickens. Choose Wacky Eagle Technologies, and let's fly high together!

What a few clients say:

I’ve worked with Scott remotely, on and off for ten years. When I was in Las Vegas for Photoshop World 2013, we met for the first time in person. I’ve always found Scott helpful and responsive to my problems. I appreciate getting timely replies to my emails. I’m happy to recommend Scott to you. Thanks for the great work on my recent urgent PHP project. It is always a pleasure to work with you.
-- Connie Taylor, Fathom Publishing

Scott is a resourceful developer and e-marketer that has helped us on numerous occasions. We often rely on Scott for his breadth of experience on everything from PHP, Linux system administration, search engine optimization, blogging strategies, etc. He can provide timely, accurate, and detailed analysis of any project and assist where needed. He is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I recommend his services to anyone who needs assistance growing and maintaining their web presence.
-- Phillip Zedalis, Server Warp

Scott worked for me for more than a year on a variety of projects including my own software and assisting me with projects that I was doing for other companies. I found him to be reliable a good communicator hard worker and a person who made deadlines. What I found most likable about Scott is that he worked hard to make sure he understood requirements and was able to deliver on time and if he had questions he asked them and did not make assumptions like so many other programmers do. I would strongly recommend Scott as a person to handle your program and your website needs.
-- Jeffrey Cohen, JWCE

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