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Windows 10 is UPDATING to build 1809 aka "Fall Edition".

Your computer will act slow for 4 to 8 hours!

I am hearing from customers who are losing their sound after the update.


I am the only COMPUTER TECH that shows you pictures of real computer clients!

I have the most experience taking apart your computer and fixing it... See the Pictures...

I have all the required tools to do the job.


Open 7 days a week..____775 - 409 -8 1 TWO SIX

I show proof.

If you need help with your laptop, all-in-one, or desktop?

Senior Discounts Available

Call me...

775 - 409 - 81 Two Six


We have spare parts.

Fast repair time.

Open 7 Days a week.


Background Check

I have passed the FBI's "Live Scan"

*** I have hundreds of local clients, I have permission to give you there phone number.

You can look on my phone: I have a text from Frank, it say...

"Thank You, now my laptop runs like a Ferrari". ( I installed a SSD Hard Drive in his laptop.)

Judith, will tell you... wow, now my computer runs fast. ( I installed a SSD Hard Drive in her all-in-one desktop)

If you want your computer to GO FAST, time to install a SSD hard drive.

UPDATE on JUDITH: 3 months after I installed the SSD hard drive, Judith called me and said her
computer was slow again. I asked her, where are you going on your computer.
She said, she does gaming on F.B. Because she had over 1100 malwares in her computer,
I re-installed Windows 10 for FREE / A fresh start. One year warranty, no questions asked.
I am your best choice when you are deciding which computer tech to use.


I tune up home and business Wifi service. I find most problems are customer's Wifi router's are too old.
Time to update your router. I have the best ideas and I save you money.
I have used routers.

No Internet Service?
I am seeing Charter's Modems stop working at customers homes,
make sure to ask Charter's Technical Support, if they can see the modem from there office???
Sometimes they are losing there ID, and it must be re-entered into Charter's database.
If you see a yellow light, that is "on" there is a problem with Charter's Database.
I have had 4 service calls over this issue.


Is your computer running.............. s l o w ?

Bring it to me, or I can come to you, or we can meet at Starbucks.


I am a computer Technician WHO CARES... Have you Noticed my ad talks about helping you.


Have you backed up your computer??? Don't lose your pictures or your important documents.


I have copies of the free edition.

DO YOU NEED HELP ??? 775 - 409 - 81 Two Six

I have happy customers.

Call me and get a price quote.

Most repairs are between $0.00 to $40.00 / Installing Operating Systems - Starting Over, cost more.

I offer Senior Discounts.

The ad with the most pictures = the most experience!


Recently, A new customer called me. He said he liked my ad. He said my ad was the best. He told me he wanted a laptop. We went over to a pawn shop. We talked to the counter person and we got the right price. I fixed it up so he has all the bells and whistles. That day that customer was lucky, the price was $25.00.
The laptop was worth over $800.00 after i fixed it.

My customer's are so glad they found me.

Warning, stay away from Seagate Hard Drives.
I have real stories why!
(High failure rates & bad out of the box incidents.)
One of my business clients ordered 2 one terabyte Seagate Hard Drives, both were bad out of the box.
The third one finally worked. Recently a customer's laptop with a seagate 1 terabyte hard drive failed.
Less than 1 year old.
How to tell if you have a Seagate HD?
Go to "Device Manager", look for "Disk Drive(s).
If you see ST, you have a Seagate HD. Time to replace it, is NOW!!!! ( Also any Maxtor hard drives )

Picking a SSD hard drive. You need to go with my recommendations. There are some real duds out there.

Do you need your router setup ?
I can set it up, so your devices will run faster. Do you know about single band and dual band?

I carry extra USB WIFI Adapters: single band and dual band. (Dual band's go quick!!!)


Need a Laptop ?

Let's go on a treasure hunt. Call me.

Recently, a new customer brought me his "Dell All-In-One" Desktop Computer he also brought me his
HP Inspiron 8420 Laptop. The customer was not pleased with his version of Windows 10.
I asked him to let me "FIX IT". Most computer manufacturers load up unnecessary software on their computer's.
This software is called "BLOATWARE", it causes your computer to slow down.
I reloaded Windows 10 with My version, plus I added "Classic Shell".
My customer is real happy = his computer is real fast!


If you have a......S_L_O_W..... Computer ?

**** Call Me 775 - 409 - 81 TWO SIX.

I have been a Computer Tech for over 40 years. I KNOW what is best for your computer.

I am the Dynamic Technician here.

If your laptop power plug breaks, I can fix it. If your computer is broken? Bring it to me!


If you ask me to install a home camera system or a home theater system, I can do it.

For information and pictures...
See my ad on CL / Services / Skilled Trades / look for the arrow.

*** I am the EXPERT here ***.

If someone else advertises, they install home stereo or camera systems, they are not in my league.
I have over 6000 installations.


The other techs don't have accounts at ADI, TRI-ED, GRAYBAR, VOLUTONE, and more.

I have the most EXPERIENCE!!!


I talk about helping you = friendly computer help. If you are on a budget ? Let me know, I can help you!!!

Recently, A Senior Lady called me out to here condo in Sparks, she said her wifi does not work on her desktop.
I "FIXED IT" in 2 minutes = I only charged her $10.00 / she was living on SSI........ I Care.

Last week, a new customer met me at Starbucks and I fix 2 HP Laptops,
Their "FIX _ ME STICKS" as seen on TV.
Here are the facts about "Fix-it-sticks, they work for 30 days, then they want more $. They are a scam.


Recently, a new customer said they went to Costco and purchased a camera system.
I gave him a price to install it and program it. We did a professional installation.
The customer observed that we took great pride in keeping there home clean, So
the same customer had me install and program his Surround Sound System.
I installed 8" rectangular flush mount speakers.
I get really good prices on speakers. His cost for all 5 flush mount speakers = under $350.00.
That is a deal!


I show pictures, PROOF, I am the most popular and dynamic computer tech around.



I have been advertising Here on CL for over 15 years.

*** I help nice people ***.

If you see an ad on CL with No pictures ... they might be a scammer.
I have seen it before.
It happened last Summer.

Also, watch out for the "180 Techs". Some computer techs advertising here will tell you
there price is $90.00 to come out to your house, when they are done they DOUBLE there price to
$180.00. This will never happen on my watch. Always ask up front what the price will be !
Get it in writing.


A 76 year old man ask me for a laptop, we went looking at a Pawn Shop.
He got a Deal. I fixed it all up for him. If you need a laptop, call me and the treasure hunt begins!!!

I Help Nice People - here is the proof !!!

775 - 409 - 81 TWO SIX

REMEMBER..... A Real Tech.......... Has Real Pictures.



My customers ask me, how come you know so much ???

It is simple, been there, done that...

I am Reno's Senior Computer Tech = Part of My Computer Tech Heritage:

I attended Comdex (The computer industry's giant trade show in Las Vegas) every year from 1985 to 1996.
You are only invited if you own a computer company. I would receive free passes every year.
After college, I started a Low Voltage Company that evolved into designing and installing full ethernet harnesses for major manufacturing companies. I was working in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000+ With Token Ring, Arcnet, Novell's Netware, Decnet, SNA - IBM, Unix, As-400/34,36,38,170,E, Coax-RG-58, Twisted pair, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Fiber, Backbone, IDF's, MDF, AP's. I would purchase my equipment from Graybar. My favorite equipment manufacturer is ATP. I used their equipment to build custom patch panels, for LAN's.

I lived and worked in the beginning of computer age. There were no certification coarse, just hands on experience.
I have complete hands-on experience with full field installations.
Vertical and Horizontal Hardware and Software Installations.


I AM A LAN Expert: I have designed and installed over 1000 Local Area Networks for businesses.

Recently, a customer and I went to Costco. After shopping we had lunch. We sat down at the picnic area tables.
I looked up on the wall and there I saw a IDF - Cabinet.
I pointed out to my customer, how poorly the installation was done.
One thing is, when you build a network, you NEVER use wire ties on Cat 5 / 6 cables.
You use Velcro, so the cables never gets pinched.
Whoever installed the network at Costco, thumbs down, they were not DATA-COM trained.


If you need help? ............


===► 775-409-81 TWO SIX

I am Reno's Friendly Senior Computer Technician.

HOW TO MEET: I come to you or you come to me, or we can meet at Starbucks?

OPEN 7 days a week.

I've helped over 500 customers in the last 12 months.

My ads talk about helping others. This is why I'm so popular.

My ad is down to earth.......... I Care !

COST: $..Call for a Quote... 775-409-81 TWO SIX

I have over 40 years experience as a PC Repair Tech.

I'm in my mid 60's, semi - retired, I am Reno's Senior Computer Tech.

I have Happy Customers.

PC Lessons and Tune ups

Same Day Service. Except when I'm swamped.

Call Now at 775-409-81 TWO SIX


Have you ever loaded your "Chip Set Drivers"?

Learn about "M.S.CONFIG". / Adjust Boot Tab: 30 sec. to 3 sec.
/ Adjust Advance Options / Remove Unnecessary Services / Remove Programs from Start Up


If you have Windows 8 or 10, you need to download "CLASSIC SHELL"
How to make Windows 8.1 & 10 act like Windows 7 or XP -
Easy to use menu system = "Dump the Tiles".

If you want to learn about how to use your computer, I can teach you...

Learn all the secrets to make your PC RUN FAST!!!


Learn about SSD Hard Drives. ( SOLID STATE DRIVES )
I do carry extra SSD H.D. in stock now. I have sold over 50 SSD hard drives.
They make your old computer run 10 to 15 X's faster.

Come see for yourself. ...............................I'll install one in your laptop / desktop.

I HAVE A DEMONSTRATION MODEL - I CAN PLUG IT IN - it will only take a few minutes.

My service is the best deal in town,................. I even offer a LOANER DESKTOP or LAPTOP

I carry spare parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another secret: When I go out to a customers home or business,
I always bring along one of MY Custom Built Desktops.

Half the time, it doesn't come home with me.

When you see one of my desktop computers run at 4.2 GHZ, you'll want one!

Recently, I was in Carson City, at a client's home. I brought one of My desktops. He bought it.


Real Technicians have real proof with real pictures.

I am an all around DYNAMIC TECHNICIAN.

If my customer's ask me, can you install a HOME THEATER SYSTEM,...... I can send you pictures!

Also if you need help with repairing your home surround sound system let me know.
A True Story...
I went down to Minden and setup a customer's home Surround Sound System.
The customer's Sub-Woofer was not working. The electrical lug connector came off the post,
so I brought out my portable soldering iron and soldered it back on permanently.
It won't come off anymore.
Who carries a portable soldering iron in their tool box?..........I DO !!


TV Mounting

TV Service: Over the Air TV & Free Internet TV. Learn about your Smart TV.

Home Theater Systems: I can send you pictures.

Whole House Speaker Systems: Speakers in every room / you can add volume controls for each room.

CAMERA SYSTEMS = See Pictures / see my ad in Skilled Trades.
Watch your investments from your Smart Phone.
The new generation of camera system's require a computer tech to program them.

Home Intercom = Who is at the front door or front gate.

Card Access: I have Pictures.

Telephone Systems = Factory Certified

Hard Wired Local Area Networks

WiFi Routers = Watch what happens when I program your router.


I am an old school hard wire expert!

Electronics Technician = If your laptop power plug breaks, I can fix it.
( I have an ASUS K53E in the shop for fan replacement)



All Advertisers

No advertisements. Please don't call me to sell your products or services.
I do not want to spend $300.00 a month to be on Home Adviser, Angie's list, Google Ads, Yelp, etc.
I do not want to rent or purchase credit card machine.
No telemarketing.
No certified check scams.
No text advertising.

I have been around a long time and still I get calls.

Who do you want working on your computer?
Someone with real 40 years of hands-on experience.
I'm the only computer tech who has past a background check.
I have taken the "LIVE SCAN" - it's a FBI BACKGROUND check.
I have taken the Live Scan 3 times, because I use to do work on military bases.
I past all the background checks. Always ask to see a tech's ID.
Know who is coming into your home or business? If you can, do a background check on the tech.

I can show you proof, that some tech here are not telling the truth.

We have had some bad apples here. ( Pun intended )

You deserve the BEST: Call 775-409-81 Two Six
Custom Computer Builds Available. ASK about AMD's new RYZEN CPU - Gen 2 / Horizon.
I have the experience of building them.
You can choose a 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 64 Core Processor.
It starts Windows 10 in 5 seconds. Everything is blink blink blink, no more waiting and waiting and waiting...
No More "Circle of Doom" aka Waiting, and waiting, waiting, waiting...
I'm always building AMD Projects. Call and I'll build you a monster...
AMD is releasing the Horizon class CPU, learn more here.
I have 1 Custom Computers For Sale and I have 1 Desktop Computer to loan out when your computer is in the shop.
Recently; I sold a Custom Built Computer 4.2 GHZ CPU - No waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Just blazing fast.

It is OK to call me & ask me questions?

I enjoy helping NICE people.


775 - 409 - 81 TWO SIX

You are SAFE HERE.

We have more to offer, see our other services under Skilled Trades. Look for the ===>.
Free Internet TV.

No more $150.00 monthly TV bills. Call for details...
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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