Young backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! (Gardnerville, nv)

Young backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! 1 thumbnailYoung backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! 2 thumbnailYoung backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! 3 thumbnailYoung backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! 4 thumbnailYoung backyard chickens, fully feathered and coop ready! 5 thumbnail
UPDATE 6/13: Some chicks I was holding are available again... Please contact for current status, but only when actually ready to purchase, with coop built, available to drive to Gardnerville, etc., thanks!

Great backyard flock additions, these young chickens have been raised in a home setting, handled daily and come when called. I raised extras to share, all from late March hatches, and they have now been moved to an outdoor coop setting as fully feathered and warmer temps have arrived. You can research breeds to know when to expect to start laying, characteristics, etc. Possible egg colors are light brown, dark brown and green. (Most should begin laying mid to late summer).

Breeds available include: Speckled Sussex($30), English Jubilee($30), Welsumner($20), Blue Laced Red Wyandotte($30), Majestic Majesty Maran($25), Black Sex Link($25), Blue Copper Maran(cockerel only, @ $20), Light Orpington(Labeled "Colored", and thought would be Lavendar, but unsure what, but has some blueish feathers replacing cream and blueish legs and pink skin, so rather unusual)($25), Gold Laced Wyandotte($25) and Americauna($25). Minimum purchase is three and only one available per breed except have 2 extra Welsumners. I would highly prefer to sell a flock of 6 to one party and would give $10 discount on 6. Prices will increase with age due to feed and care required and at mature laying age, hens will be $45-60 ea. during first year, which will get you hundreds of fresh eggs without any work raising!

If you want mature hens, I might be willing to part with a set of 2 to approved home from my Feb-March 2023 flock, 1 Buff Orpington and 1 sold as CA Tan by Tractor Supply, but looks like Delaware to me. Price for both is $80 FIRM. They are both laying light brown eggs daily and raised with daily pasture free ranging as well as being coop tolerant and very friendly, healthy and easy to handle pets.

The 2024 chicks were sourced from local retail as day olds, and were all purchased as "pullets";however, it is difficult to know for sure until start laying. One Blue Copper Maran is definitely a cockerel, as has started crowing, so only buy it if ok with a having a rooster(a very pretty and gentle one at that). Contact for current pics as they change daily this age! Most recent is pic of some eating from hand, taken May 27th. Not all in pictures are available, and not all available are in pictures, as a challenge to photograph busy chicks! A few shots to give idea of maturity only;coloring will change over time so research breeds;for example, the English Jubilee does not come into full color until after first molt, and then they are quite the eye candy!

All the hard work is done, now just feed and enjoy their antics and then get fresh eggs of multiple colors for years! Contact if would like to meet to see them;I can deliver locally if needed. Email or text preferred.

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