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Education is the most important investment in your future - get the most out of it! Have all your questions clearly explained, at your own pace, by an instructor who cares about your success.

Learn better, faster, and have more fun doing it!

Experienced Teaching Professional
I have been pursuing continual learning and teaching full-time since graduating college in 2016. I fell in love with teaching when I volunteered as a tutor in high school, and I have been loving it ever since: I now have over 14 years of tutoring experience with 500+ students, from top universities and high schools throughout the country.

I've tutored for a number of professional organizations (e. g. Walnut Hills Alumni Association, OSU Young Scholar Program, Grade Potential Tutoring, STEM IVY Education to name a few) but I now do most of my tutoring privately.

I teach a wide variety of subjects, mostly upper-level math and science classes:
-> college students: multivariable calculus and calc-based physics, statics, dynamics, chemistry, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, vector calculus, differential equations, etc.
-> high school students: AP math, physics and chemistry classes or ACT/SAT preparation, chemistry, pre-calculus, algebra, etc.
I cannot list every subject, so please reach out to me and ask if I teach your subject.
->grade school: all math and science, test preparation

Proven Academic Success
I received a full scholarship to University of Cincinnati and held a 3.8 GPA through my master’s program in aerospace and mechanical engineering, graduating magna cum laude.
-99th percentile score on PSAT, SAT, and ACT
-Awarded the National Merit Scholarship and Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship
-35/36 ACT Math, 36/36 ACT Science
-5/5 on the AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry and other AP exams
-Ranked in state math and science competitions

I have helped countless students to exceed their expectations with their grades and test scores. I can help beyond just knowing the material, but with strategies and time management techniques to test with confidence.

I consistently see a significant improvement in my students’ grades - part of what makes my job so satisfying! I’m passionate about making learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Tutoring Experience
My focus is developing an understanding from the deepest roots of a concept to its sun and sky. I have a conversational, question-based style of teaching that leads my students to come up with answers on their own. I do NOT preach memorization or repetition. My students tell me that I’m easy-going, encouraging, and always have a new way to explain an idea that isn't making sense.

I use a fantastic free whiteboard website (check out bitpaper) along with an artist tablet that allows me to write and draw.

It's super easy:
Snap screenshots or pictures of your assignment or study materials
Drag and drop onto the whiteboard
We use the built-in video chat while we write, draw, graph and collaborate on solutions.

All of our notes are autosaved, organized, and available to you forever.

Rates and Scheduling

My rate is $120 per hour. I can offer discounted rates for long sessions, packages of sessions, or for students with financial need - just ask!

Take $50 off your first session, and a free session when you refer a new student to me. If you are not satisfied with the quality of help you receive, it's free.

I prefer communication by call or text, but email is fine too. Let me know if I can help you!! Please feel free to ask me for student and teacher references!

"Eric is very knowledgeable, has been able to connect our daughter to the material in a way that makes her excited to be learning, and has a GREAT attitude! In other words - the perfect tutor! If you hire him he'll reset the bar for what a tutor can be."
-Andreas D.

“My daughter is normally a great student but despite trying very hard, was getting Fs in AP Calculus. Eric began tutoring her around Thanksgiving, and by the end of the semester a few weeks later she had turned it around completely, getting a 102% on the final exam. Eric connected so easily with her, and explained things in such a way that everything clicked. It was a Festivus Miracle!”
-Ann L.

"Eric was my student in high school. He was the top student in the most demanding math course we offered at the time: AP Calculus BC. Not only was he a brilliant and diligent student, he also took first place in our math team competition. Eric is dependable, caring and well liked. He has the personality and intelligence to do absolutely anything he wants. Kids will love his energy and sense of humor. Students seeking help will be hard pressed to find a better candidate."
-Susan C.

"My tutoring experience with Eric has been great. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. I felt comfortable working with him, and he knows how to explain topics in plenty of ways to make them easy to understand. Math has always been the most difficult subject for me, but when I met Eric I gained a better understanding and my first ever A on my final exam!"
-Teonna C.


Even if you don't see your subject listed here - ask me about help with your university graduate or undergraduate engineering, physics, math, or science courses.


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UNR University of Nevada Reno
CCNN Career College of Northern Nevada
TMCC Truckee Meadows Community
WNC Western Nevada College
SNU Sierra Nevada University

The Davidson Academy of Nevada. Davidson Academy School District
TMCC Magnet High School. Washoe County School District
Coral Academy High School
Academy of Art Careers and Technology
Reno High School
Robert McQueen High School
Galena High School
Damonte Ranch High School
Earl Wooster
North Star
Procter R Hug
North Valleys
Washoe Inspire
Rainshadow Charter

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