Mint Headrush Prime Guitar Multi-Effects - $1,000 (North Carson City)

I bought this mint condition Headrush Prime about 6 months ago for a live gig. I prefer to not take my other HRP out on stage. Now plans have changed and I don't see playing live for a long time. Being that I've got so many Guitar rigs I really don't want anything laying around not getting used.

Those who know these units know that the HRP is catching up to the industry standard Kemper Profiler as more and more users are adding tones to the cloud and paid tone websites. The HRP has just been on the market for about a year ago and already there are tone packages available that compare to real amps!

Truthfully, the stock sounds were weak. You'll read reviews saying "The Kemper stomps the Headrush" and that is TOTALLY true! That's why I spent about $200 on tone packages off Choptones, LivePlayRock and some amazing tones sold in the HRP social media groups. I spent months going through the tones, then deleted HUNDREDS of "so so" tones and have kept the best. I'm including HUNDREDS of these tones I paid for in this HRP ready to play.

Absolutely fantastic tones:

Marshalls, Hiwatts, Brits, Bogners, Boogies, Fenders, Soldanos, 800s, Vox's, Vintage tones, even some Country... etc etc etc ... AMAZING solo tones!!! Lukather, Floyd, etc

If you're still using a "dinosaur" like a Boss GT-1000, Line 6 Helix, etc trust me DUMP THE OLD!!! There is a night and day difference in tones and features on the HRP or Kemper. All those "amp modelers" are just faking tones. You won't look back! These newer units are pricey but you will find out why.

(I still have a Line 6 Pod HD-500x that was state-of-the-art a few years ago... Think I paid $800 for it... now I can't stand playing it!!! But some people love them and if your wallet doesn't have $1k plus they are a good option. If anyone wants my 500x ... $200 and it's yours!)

I've recorded with the HRP and live this HRP is by far has the best setup and easiest to use. Even better than the Kemper which has been on the market for 11 years... (I have a Kemper, but the display SUCKS, like a 1980's calculator) My opinion is the Kemper better come out with a better model soon! The HRP is bigger, the pedals are farther apart and the fact the HRP has a 7 inch iPad like display, simple menus to change parameters and display names ON EVERY PEDAL editing and changing tones while playing live far far far easier!!!

CONDITION: This HRP has really not gotten much use. My studio HRP is played every day. So I see no imperfections.

INCLUDED: Power supply and I've installed Aluminum pedal toppers, those are about $35 and you have to wait over a month for shipment. They are Silver with 2 Reds for the UP/DOWN bank pedals. Very cool looking and helps protect your unit from heavy stomping!

SYSTEM INFO: Headrush has been coming out with updates to their system every couple months. Users are giving them suggestions. There used to be a lot of bugs being new but they've taken care of most of them. Still, once in a while if you are changing tones too quickly it freezes for about 10 seconds. No big deal but I try to be upfront with people. Normal tone changes work perfectly. I suggest you join the Headrush Prime group on FB to keep up with system updates.

PHOTO IS STOCK: My unit looks exactly the same (except with the added pedal toppers)



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