Gibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. - $1,200 (kings beach)

Gibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 1 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 2 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 3 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 4 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 5 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 6 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 7 thumbnailGibson and Fender Vintage tube amps from late '60s to '70s. 8 thumbnail
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Gibson Fender
These are real vintage amps, Mostly original and in very great condition. ALL of them have been fully serviced and work well so buy with confidence. Light and easy to carry around. Incredible tones. These are all real-deal hand-wired amps... nothing imported nothing with crummy circuit boards and cheap components. Possible trades for pre '70 electric instruments or pre '50 acoustic instruments.
1970s Silver face Champ $775. Original 8" speaker. Runs well, freshly serviced. No back panel. These Champs are very similar to the older ones and weren't ruined by the CBS takeover of Fender until later.

1961 Maestro (Gibson) GA1RT Reverb Echo (5 watt tweed amp with 8" speaker just like a tweed Champ but with bigger cabinet and tremelo)$1200 (SOLD but this listing describes another) The two GA-1RT amps I listed previously sold. Then I sold another last week. There are two more. I've been collecting them. Don't wait!

This Gibson-made Maestro Reverb Echo model GA-1RT is a 5-watt little monster that's in 95% original condition and plenty loud for its size . It was made by Gibson circa 1961. Like a Fender Champ, the amp comes with an 8" Jensen Alnico speaker. Tubes and circuit is similar to a champ. Unlike a Champ, there is a 19.5" wide, 7" deep cabinet, tremolo, and an original foot switch that tucks into a bracket inside the cabinet.

These amps were designed to be used in either of TWO ways:

1. Use it to add spring Reverb-Echo effects to a separate 2nd combo amplifier. There is a (new replacement by MOD) spring reverb tank in the base of the amp. A cable (included) from the tank can be connected via alligator clips directly to the speaker of the 2nd amp to add Reverb & Echo to the dry sound of the 2nd amp. The "dry" sounds come from the second amp and, the same sound, but with reverb and tremolo, come out of the GA1RT, usually positioned across the room or stage.(An added plus is the spatial sound dispersion of using two amps.) This is known as “Speaker-Driven Reverb”. It's a very cool and original sound effect that was dreamed up in the 1960's, before tube reverb was incorporated into amps and before stereophonic effects. In this usage, the amount of reverb is controlled by the volume of the Reverb Echo amp.

2. You can also use the amp on its own and it's an awesome fully functional, self-contained little tube amp. Used this way, the GA1RT is a killer practice or small gig amp with a circuit very, very similar to a Fender tweed Champ (but without the $4K price tag), for those who want a real vintage tweed champ circuit WITH tremolo AND a wide-panel cabinet that is about 1/3 BIGGER than a champ (for better bass response and less of a "toy" appearance) PLUS the option to run it as an outboard speaker-driven reverb unit as described above..

At low volume the tone is rich and warm/articulate; turn it up to 8 and the vintage tube distortion kicks in. At 10 the amp is beautifully dirty without killing your ears. No need for a distortion pedal, you have the real thing. (The song "Layla" was supposedly recorded with Eric Clapton and Duane Allman using tweed Champs, which says alot about the tone.)

Original tubes; 1x 12AX7, 1x 6BM8 & 1x 5Y3GT ; One 8” original Jensen speaker. and footswitch. About 5 watts but plenty loud for most applications like home/studio. I use them for gigs too. Transformers are original. Handle and brackets are original, see photos. I now have two of these amps (I started with SEVEN) so please get in touch if you want more than one.

This one has clean tweed with some water stain on the bottom couple inches. Excellent condition inside.

I got so many because I use two at gigs in stereo (I'm keeping those!) and had an idea for my tech guy to make the amps' reverb work in an elementary way w/o having another amp involved. That idea worked on ONE amp so I bought all the others over time at various places. Sadly, we were never able to replicate the reverb thing on the other amps, so I'm giving up and selling the extras.


1960 Vintage Tweed Gibson Falcon, GA19-RVT. Collector Condition. $3200
This amp is a beauty. Freshly checked and serviced (pots cleaned, etc.)

Great clean condition. All original other than power cord, tubes (JJ power tubes) and filter caps. Sounds FANTASTIC. Original double foot switch and Jensen 12" speaker. Wonderful tremolo. They only made these in tweed for a year or so, and they changed the circuit soon after to one that is inferior (though can be fixed to sound great). So this is the one. Rare (they only made about 300), excellent condition 97.2% original.
Output: 14 Watts
Controls: Volume, Tone, Reverb, Tremolo Frequency, Tremolo Depth
Input (2) Instrument, (1) Monitor Output (can be used to go right to the P.A. with no need for a mic.. and sends the rich full signal not a sterile send)
This is a great studio amp, but is light and small (smaller than later falcons) so is great for gigging too. Sadly, the new reissues of Falcons have gotten bad reviews.


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