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Hi there,

My name's Aaron, I'm 25 years old, looking to work on originals with some people, and this is my bio:

Born in '94, I've been playing music for as long as I can remember; I picked up the guitar for good back when I was 12, and ever since then I've been playing on one every day.

At 16, I began doing audio engineering for live shows at school and professionally, and also started performing with our high school chamber choir. This was the kind of choir that toured around locally doing shows, and also put on a 300+ attended concert 3 times a year. For 2 years, I performed in a solo or small group act at those shows, every show. It was there that I learned how much I loved performing for an audience. It was doing live sound where I got an idea of what it took a for a band to be successful, at least in the smaller scale. I watched as drunken front-men nose-dived their band into gig-lessness, bands who try to make up for a lack of skill/practice with lots of loud gear, and everything else you see at a somewhat successful music venue. I carefully watched, observed, and made note of what to do, and what not to do.

The truth is, I can't get enough of being onstage. While most people hate the idea of standing in front of a crowd and expressing themselves, I find that's where I truly feel the most comfortable. I've always said that I would perform my best at the largest shows, and I have. After high school, I was in several bands, one of which was a gigging country band, another was a garage band, but those ended after about a year and a half due to personal issues that the country band manager had with myself.

After that, I started a band with some friends from high school that gained some pretty decent traction in the local NorCal foothill area, where I wrote originals (one of them has around 1200 views on Facebook, last I checked). We reached moderate success over the next few years, but as usual, one band member decides to walk out in the middle of a show over a dispute with a venue about a few bucks, pertaining to a completely different band, effectively killing our chances of getting gigs anywhere, and our relationship.

So that happened in January, and since then I've been on hiatus. I'm extremely apprehensive about starting up again with new people because I gave the last band a lot of freedom to put their creative influence into my songs, which clouded my judgment into whether or not their influence was to the song's benefit or detriment. I'm willing to allow plenty of influence, but I'm going to assume a much stronger leadership role than I did in the previous group for the aforementioned reason.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to be a jerk or force you to play something you think doesn't sound good. I listen to my band mates and take everything they suggest or say into serious, thoughtful consideration. I want everybody to be expressing themselves in the ways that are most effective to them in order to be most convincing to an audience. The primary goal that must be on all of our minds during the creative process and performances must be the audience, and what they will find enjoyable. If we can get the audience to lose themselves, the shows will be more rewarding than any amount of gold or silver.

My goal is to write music that people can relate to, and convey it to them in a very meaningful way. I want to write songs that become anthems for the vulnerable, showing them that it's okay to feel how you do, and that they're not alone, whether the feeling is love, sadness, joy, sexuality; I want to express it all in novel ways that a lot of people can understand from the heart.

My standards for writing songs are extremely high, and I will not settle for anything less than complete honesty with one's self through the song, be it in metaphor or otherwise. That doesn't mean any song is out of the question, I just believe that it's the responsibility of the artist to show people the world through a set of eyes very much like their own, unclouded by the mental trappings that have befallen so many other artists that I have seen throughout my musical career. My personal belief is that it is from this place that people write their most beautiful works, and where they create very meaningful connections with their fans.

While I have around 20 songs floating around on the internet that you can find and listen to, I would argue that those are not indicative of what I'm trying to write now. Since the making of those songs, I've evolved, improved, and I want to move in a new direction.

I'm not sure where that direction would be, but to give you an idea, here's some influences that I am likely already incorporating into my current works:

Jason Mraz
Tracy Chapman
John Mayer
Ed Sheeran
Lady Gaga
The Beatles
City and Colour
The Chainsmokers

Also, here's the aforementioned song with all those views on FB:

If you think it would be fun to play music with me, hit me up! I don't care what you play, as long as you play it well, and from the heart. I'm looking for a full band, whatever that ends up meaning. If there's enough interest, I'll rent a rehearsal space for us to play in and feel things out.

If you're still not sure, you can "audition" me as well; I will be playing at Ceol's open mic most Wednesdays. However, it may be a good idea to hit me up in advance to make sure I'll be there before you go. Come check me out, I'll be playing mostly covers, but I'll hide an original or two in the mix as well. Afterwards, please let me know what you thought of my performance and the musical content!

I look forward to all of the new people that I'm going to meet while I put together this group, and my biggest hope is that you can be one of them.

To those who read the whole thing, thanks,

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