$1,200,000 Historic Keystone Mine - 160 acres

Historic Keystone Mine, Pershing County, Nevada

160 acres of unpatented mining claims

ABOUT THE KEYSTONE: The original Keystone Mine started with 2 unpatented mining claims (40 acres) with the discovery of gold and silver in the 1870's. Through the years of the late 1800's, it grew to encompass the Old Timer Miner (2 unpatented claims) and the acquisition of the deeded (fee simple) 158 acres next door. Over the time the 158 deeded acres were sold off and the name Keystone begun to represent not only the Keystone discovery but also the Old Timer discovery.

The early workings are documented, but availability to the documentation is limited prior to 1937. In 1937, mapping and documentation become more readily available thanks to the recorded activities of Silver Burro Mining. All the way up to the 1960's, exploration activity continued to added records of deposits and estimations of values.

1941, The War Act: Due to the war act, reported gold production can not be trusted as US gold production was shut down on Dec. 7, 1942. During these times essential production was allowed and gold was not essential to the war effort. Any production reports between 1941 and 1946, need to be questioned, assuming reports only included the bare minimum. And with silver and tungsten being essential, those reports are assumed to be accurate.

In approximately 2017, a company (GRE, Inc)., began marketing the 80 acres of unpatented claims, and from our research approximately 20 acres overlapping other miner's claims and deeded land; resulting in only about 60 acres being legally mineable.

In approximately 2019, GRE, Inc., sold is claimed 80 acres of unpatented claims.

In 2022, USA Elements, acquired legal rights to the mine, by claiming the property and with different outer points following the vein lines. Through the exploration process, USA Elements has spent a considerable amount of money, identifying and tracing the veins, outcropping, dumps, tailings, and potential drill targets.

Today, the Keystone Mine Property consists of 8 unpatented mining claims totaling approx. 160 acres (see picture 2). These acres encompass the original Keystone, Old Timer #1, Old Timer #2, and 2 never named discoveries.

Primary: Silver
Secondary: Gold

Assays: In a document dated 2019, GRE stated that there is 142,000 tons of dump material 30,000 tons of blocked reserves. Through their assays they stated that the dumps contain 26,068 oz of gold and 847,456 oz of silver, and the blocked reserves contain 9,000 oz of gold and 108,000 oz of silver. Resulting in 35,068 oz of gold and 955,456 oz of silver, for a today's (6/21/24) value of $80.7M in gold and $28.4M in silver.

Since 2022, USA Elements, has continued samples and assays, and determined it is financially feasible to process the dumps to provide revenue for underground confirmation of gold deposits. The top dumps assayed by USA Elements, follow the historical production data (see picture 3). USA Elements' in field assays and lab (ALS) assays have provided for target dumps to consist of up to 0.47 oz per ton of gold with an average of the target dumps of 0.15 to 0.20 oz per ton of gold, and the silver concentration up to 26 oz of silver per ton. These target dumps consist of approx 40,000 tons, in specific locations, are easy accessible and ready to go to processing.

The over all dump size of the newly expanded Keystone is approximated to be in excess of 200,000 tons.

The property has recorded assays and production up to 0.65 oz per ton of gold and 272 oz per ton of silver.

There is a target dump area with approx. 12,000 tons which is averaging 17 oz per ton ($493/ton) in silver alone. This is an immediate profitability level, if you have a local processor. That's should be $5.9M in silver, alone, to get you going.

Values of the readily recoverable is estimated at approximately $68M with a projected LOM of 14 years and a total elemental potential estimated value of over $780M.

Permitting: As permitting requires both the "claimant" and "operator" we will assist you on the permitting and bonding paperwork, as we have to approve the operation. Costs related to filing the permit and getting the bond will be the responsibility of the Buyer. This site is Exploration with Bulk Sampling permit ready, which should give you the ability to remove numerous tons per day from the top side, "cleaning up the mine site". Under ground exploration does not need a permit, only land disturbance needs the permit. NOTE: under ground exploration means manual exploration of the 2,000+ feet of under ground workings.

More Data: Contact me, for access to a drive containing the data on Keystone. Also, google Keystone Mine Pershing County Nevada, for 3rd party data and videos. The NBMG is also a good resource on historical data.

Location: The Keystone Mine property is located approximately 14 miles North Northwest of Mill City, Nevada. It neighbors the great Lunker Mine. Right to the Northeast of Keystone is Lunker Hill, a historically great area for large nuggets (just google lunker hill nugget and click on images). To the North of Keystone is the historic Wheelbarrow.

Keystone sits in a zonage of top silver and deep gold, with silver being more available than gold at the surface and a short distances down. The deeper the excavation the more the silver in host rock colorations changes to a bluish silver crystallization coloring, providing evidence of gold deposits. The northwestern area of the property is falling in a gold zonage, according to historical data of previous area explorations.

For driving directions, and an authorization letter to visit the property please contact me. We have a land guy who monitors activity in the area, so you will need an authorization letter, to prevent any issues or disruptions to your visit.

About the Seller: USA Elements, Inc., is the seller of this property, and the eBay account offering this property is the personal eBay account of the Company's CEO. USA Elements is an Elemental Exploration Company focused on cleaner exploration and mining practices. Please visit our website usaelements.com to learn more.

About Owner Financing: USA Elements is offering 0% financing on the purchase of this property, with No Royalties. With 5% down, you will have a 60-day due diligence period, to visit and sample for assaying of the property; to determine your plan of operation. At the end of the 60-day period your payments will be based the number of months you choose.

PRICE: $1,200,000
Minimum Down Payment: 5%

5% down options
24-Months: $60,000 down - 24 payments of $47,500
36-Months: $60,000 down - 36 payments of $31,667

To go longer than 36-months 10% down is required as (5% due at contract and 5% due at end of DD period)
48-Months: $120,000 - 48 payments of $22,500
60-Months: $120,000 - 60 payments of $18,000

An Asset Sale Agreement will be entered into, with payment accepted only via wire.

NOTE: On Owner Financing, the annual renewals fees and filings will be responsibility of Buyer to pay that amount to Seller each August, during finance term.

All information within this listing is assumed accurate by Seller at the time of listing.

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