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A local business contacted me to help them with their newly purchased camera system.

If you are thinking of installing any type of camera system, Call Me First !!!

Do you know the difference between Analog / IP / Hybrid Camera Systems ?

I can lead you down the proper road.

Call 775 - 409 - 812 six.

It is OK to call and ask questions.

Don't go down the wrong road.

Don't waste money.

I show real pictures of my trade.

I am the true expert with camera installations and programing DVR's and NVR's.

Watch out for Handyman's and Electrician's who claim they know how to install Camera Systems.
A home owner in Damonte Ranch made a mistake and called a Handyman to install a Camera System.
In less than 1 year the Camera System they installed is flicking and the cameras are dying.
They use interior wire that is not designed for outdoor use. The wiring is decaying rapidly.
Does a Handyman or Electrician know anything about Lilin IP Networks ??? No !!
They only know basic ANALOG TYPE CAMERA SYSTEMS.
They don't know the difference between the DVR formats TVI, CVI, AHD.
They do not know anything about IP Camera Systems.
Programming a NVR, Server, and a Hybrid DVR takes a computer tech background.

I am the True Camera Expert.


Never purchase Arlo Cameras.

Try to stay away from wireless cameras. They tend to flicker in and out.

I am Reno's Senior Camera Technician.

I have pictures, I show proof.

I have all the necessary tools and hands on experience.

Pictures 15, 16, & 17 Show the cameras, I installed at Scheels.

I carry the correct tools and testers.


I have the most experience!

I am the jack of all low voltage trades.

775 - 409 - 81 TWO. six


I was called out to repair a surround sound and whole house system in an estate at Lakewood Shores.
The customer, and I went to BB, and they purchased a top end Yamaha Receiver.
I setup the new surround sound system in 7.2 mode.
The customer quoted to me, "In over 12 years this system never sounded like this".
"Wow, you really know what you are doing".
I also setup zone 2 as a whole house background music.
The customer was so glad they found me. I have 40 years experience, been there, done that, so many times.
The original installation was setup in an old analog RCA cables it ran only in right / left stereo mode.
Warning; I have found over 12 stereo system that were installed by the box store,
there installers would setup all stereos systems in right / left stereo mode only.
I asked a box store employee, why do you do that, he said they are on time restraints.
When you want the job done right, call me.

If you have a Surround Sound System in your home, have me out to fine tune it!


I have over 40 years of experience.

I did an estate in Washoe Lake Area.

The owner described the fireplace, ....I said ...."Oh, we will build a custom plywood base for it"

Look what I did...

Been There, Done That............. I am the EXPERT HERE.

The home owner quoted to me... It is hard to find someone who knows what he is doing now-a-days !!!



First and Foremost, A Priority is a Clean Installation...

I dress the work area with "DROP CLOTHES", we care about your home and business.


************__ANNOUNCING _ INTERNET - TV - FREE - SERVICE__************

This is legal. I program your device to contact Free TV Channels and Free Movie Sites.

I am pointing your device at real web sites that offer free TV and Movie services.

Example: Download Puto TV to your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
Look below top left Pluto TV logo for the mute button.

Do you need help setting up your Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc... I un-lock them to do more.


I am the only tech offering this. I can bring our equipment to your home
I have examples of Apps and UN-LOCKED - TV Equipment & and show you our Free TV Service.

Think of this... No more extra monthly $50 to $100.00 bills to Spectrum, Direct TV, & Dish TV.

This week a new customer in Arrow Creek Area is dropping Direct TV and switching to my T.V. Service.



Do you need help setting up your sound bar?

We have the most experience syncing them in for all your systems.

Are you switching from 1080 to 4K screen? Time for the newer HDMI Cables !!!

Watch out for directional cables !

For Help... Call me. 775 - 409 - 81 Two Six


*****************************_FREE O.T.A. TV SERVICE_****************************

I OFFER - OVER THE AIR TV SETUP - (Free TV = No monthly charge)


We offer over the air TV DVRs, by Trek

You can record your tv shows.

TV Install and TV Mounting, TV Service Distribution.


HOME STEREO: SURROUND SOUND - Call me before you purchase the equipment.
If you have your own equipment, I can still help you.


THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS = The most Experienced - 40 years.



Our Jobs...................................................................

No Wires Showing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice: Look at my Pictures, No Wires Showing!!!


Home WiFi Network

I can install enhanced wifi equipment. I can install AP Devices to your existing wifi router.

No more weak WiFi Signals in your home or office.



I install a 55" TV over a Fireplace in South Reno, off of Foothill. I hid all the wiring. Installed AC and TV Service.
Installation in one hour on average.

I picked up a job in the Galena area again. I installed 2 - 70" - 4 K TV's.
I asked the customer if they would like a Home Theater System installed.
We both went on line together and ordered the parts. The installation was complete a few days later.
I recommended a Yamaha Receiver.
Boy does it sound GOOD!

I was called out to a LARGE Custom Home up Mt. Rose Hwy and Joy Lake Rd. The home owner had an existing 6 zone Russound whole house system left behind by the previous home owner.
The only problem. The main controller was missing.
In a previous discussion, I told the home owner to go on line and purchase a 2 zone Yamaha Receiver.
The home owner went and purchased a Denon AVR-270.
Well, I knew from experience this was a mistake.
I connected the main home theater surround sound in the family room, it worked fine.
The whole house station's were connected to zone 2.
The Denon's remote control would NOT function properly.
I could not control the volume on zone 2, even when the remote had a separate volume control.
I was spot on, never purchase a Denon Receiver.

Recently, I went up to Truckee. I was called out by a home owner in Fairway Dr. area of Truckee. A cable company installation technician accidentally changed important settings in the Home Theater System.
Good thing they called me. I set a chair up in front of the Yamaha RX-V663 Surround Sound Receiver and proceeded to re-connect the HDMI cables and other cables into there proper place.
I went into the setup program and fixed all issues the customer was having.
The cable company's installation technician was off the hook.
I have worked on 100's of Yamaha Receivers.
I don't need a manual to program them. One thing I noticed the whole system was setup in Analog mode.
I explained to the customer, if I set your system up in Digital mode it will sound a 100 times better.
Aaah future work.. I also explain to him, how I could save him space in his entertainment drawer's back.
I explained how I could teach him to load all his movies onto a Media Server \ HTPC.

I went down to Minden and setup a customer's home Surround Sound System.
The customer's Sub-Woofer was not working. I opened it up and the electrical lug connector came off the post,
so I brought out my portable soldering iron and soldered it back on permanently.
It won't come off anymore!!!
Who carries a portable soldering iron in their tool box?..........I DO !!!

Do you need help / assistance with your home stereo system?

Note: We are seeing poor results from Pioneer / Denon / and all low end models from all manufactures.
You can not custom program them.

I can recommend the right Yamaha / Onkyo Receiver = Best Results !........... Call me for details.

Wiring Help?...... I can hunt down and label all wiring!!! I have the proper tools.

Programming Help?

Did Charter, Sudden Link, AT&T, Direct TV, or Dish mess up your home stereo system..?

Find out the difference between Analog and Digital Sound.

Setting Up a Desktop Computer as a Media Server = HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer)

Would you like help mounting your TV?
Installing Power behind the TV. Installing HDMI cable(s). IR Emitters = All Hidden in the Wall.

Do you have 5 different remote controls in front of you?
I can program one remote to control all your devices. ( MX-880 URC & Logitech Harmony )

Remember, I have access to ADI / Anixter / Volutone / Graybar / More...

I'm a semi-retired old pro at this.
I owned my own company for over 40 years.
I am a Programming Master.
I'm bored being retired.
I love keeping busy.

One Call,... Does it all... Contact Me at ====► 775-409-8126

Hands On Experience: ___ I have over 6000 installations.




I have hands on experience with Matrix Switchers, Whole House Systems, Speaker Selectors and Protectors,
Auxiliary Amplifiers, Zoned Amplifiers.

I have the BEST Prices on Flush Mount Speakers.

I am the Master Technician.
I have so much "hands on" experience, I will not be calling tech support for assistance. Wasting your time.



I have been asked if I can repair and install Card Access Systems.

The answer is yes.

I have certifications from: Radionics / Bosch, Kantech, Northern Computers, Keri, Lenel, Amag,
Hirsch, IEI, Corby, CardKey, Casi-Rusco, Software House, Brivo,
Equipment I'm familiar with: TSB, Rex, Maglocks: Securitron, SDC, Rofu, Rutherford, Folger Adam,
Von Duprin and more.



Picture # 9
I installed a camera system in Caughlin Parkway area.
The customer wanted a 42" monitor in her master bedroom, so she can watch over all of her property.
We can go together to Costco or Home Depot and purchase a camera system.
Costco carries Night Owl and Lorex complete Camera Systems.
If you want a Professional Cameras:

I have an account at ADI and others wholesalers.
I have installed IP Cameras and NVR's. I have the experience in Hybrid's DVR / NVR.

I have years of experience installing and programming True IP Camera Systems,
Servers - NVR, Patch Panels, POE Switches, and Router Setups, AP Devices are my specialty.
Please ask the other techs, can you program IP CAMERA SYSTEM / A real NVR... I can!
I am a real Computer Tech. I understand the setup of a computer server.
Other installers are not on my level of expertise.

In our Alpine Climate, P.O.E. doesn't cut it. you have to know what equipment to use.
I have worked in Fairbanks, Alaska - I know all about how to install cold weather cameras.

My outdoor systems are in EMT Conduit with water tight fittings. I do it the right way.

If you are thinking of installing a camera system, I have the most experience!

Drive by Scheels and check out my PTZ Cameras on the roof with Parapet Mounts.

No one ever talks about PARAPET MOUNTS... Look it up on Google.

====> ... I am the EXPERT HERE. ====> ...SEE MY PICTURES


All controlled by your Smart Phone.

Call me.
775-409-81 two six



No Advertisers Calls

NO Robo-Calls

I deal directly with local home owners and business owners.

No Scam Texting with offer from out of state phone numbers...

I'm NOT going to send any scammer money.


The bottom line, don't make the wrong choice !

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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